Temporary Storage Warehouse Services

The Group of Companies includes:

OOO ConsultTamozhServis (LLC) – the temporary storage warehouse owner, provides temporary storage of goods under customs control;

OOO VneshTorgLogistic (LLC) – provides services to foreign trade participants as an authorized economic operator (using special type 3 simplifications);

OOO Crimean Customs Terminal (LLC) - provides customs warehouse services.

The temporary storage warehouse in Krasnodar guarantees complete safety of your goods. The term of temporary storage according to the EAEU Code is 4 (four) months.

Temporary storage warehouses are equipped with all necessary means of radiation and X-ray inspection, cargo handling machinery and other storage equipment. Under the agreement concluded between the representative of the temporary storage warehouse and a person authorized to handle the goods, all TSW operations (inspection, movement, examination of the goods by the customs authority, loading, unloading, etc.) can be performed by our representative.

The temporary storage warehouse strives to create the most comfortable conditions for participants in foreign economic transactions.