Logistics and Transport Agent Services

OOO CustomBusinessGroup (LC) offers oversized transportation services, including project cargoes.

Delivery of bulky and heavy cargoes is a type of transport services specific to situations where standard vehicles cannot be used due to the cargo weight characteristics and dimensions. Transportation of bulky process equipment, delivery of oversized production and building structures, industrial containers for food and chemical substances, transportation of agricultural and construction equipment – each order requires the use of specialized rolling stock, individual route development, cargo placement and fastening schemes.

A special permit is required for the transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes. Our company may undertake its issuance. The key factor determining successful delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes is the professionalism, competence and practical experience of our employees.

Project cargoes, being in fact the oversized cargo transportation, are allocated to a special category in terms of their organization, since they require a special project development including both the route coordination and the use of special machinery, as well as research and engineering and construction activities, along with the manufacture of special transportation equipment. Customs clearance services are often included in the process of delivering project cargoes.

Project logistics is a whole set of measures aimed at the comprehensive solution of issues of delivering non-standard cargoes for large enterprises (most often construction or industrial ones). We draw up a cargo transportation project and deliver them to any point worldwide upon your request. Project cargo transportation procedure almost always requires changing modes of transport, follow cars during the transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes, temporary lifting or dismantling of power lines, reinforcing bridges, and much more, which requires mandatory coordination with regulatory state bodies.


We offer our customers optimal cargo delivery schemes.