Customs Clearance

Customs clearance of all categories of goods in all e-declaration centers of the Federal Customs Service is fast, high-quality, convenient and strictly follows the customs legislation of the EAEU and the Russian Federation.

A team of OOO CustomBusinessGroup (LLC) has a high level of competence and training.

We experience no difficulties to subject your goods to any customs procedure you choose. We will help you to properly declare the goods, excluding all possible negative consequences after the release of the goods. We will estimate all customs payments due in advance (customs clearance fees, import/export duties, VAT, excise duty, anti-dumping duties, disposal fee). You can always get a full and competent preliminary advice from us on possible costs and subtleties of customs clearance of your goods.

Our staff will also assist your foreign business partners with the paperwork for shipment, explain all the basic requirements for foreign economic transactions, invoices, certificates and other documents.

This will allow you to make the right and effective decision on a foreign economic transaction, minimizing terms and costs.

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