Authorized Economic Operator Services

Since August 2022, OOO VneshTorgLogistik (LLC) is included in the register of Authorized Economic Operators subject to Certificate No. RU/0190/3 (third type).

In this regard, OOO VneshTorgLogistik (LLC) is expanding its range of services in the field of foreign economic activities and offers the services of an Authorized Economic Operator (Foreign Trade Agent).

As part of this service, we can provide assistance in:

  • conclusion of a foreign trade contract with a supplier of goods;
  • payment for goods and registration of the contract tracking number;
  • organization of international transportation and cargo insurance;
  • certification;
  • customs clearance;
  • organization of goods delivery to the address specified by the customer.

Cooperation with the Authorized Economic Operator represented by OOO (VneshTorgLogistik) LLC will accelerate and simplify the delivery of your imported goods. As a result, you receive a cargo released for domestic consumption with a full package of required documents.

The AEO status refers OOO (VneshTorgLogistik) LLC to the category of low-risk legal entities for customs authorities and entitles the use of the following special simplifications in the foreign economic activity:

  • customs operations in the customs authorities as a matter of priority;
  • no need to provide security for the fulfillment of the obligation to pay customs duties and taxes during customs transit and additional inspections during the release of goods;
  • release of goods upon application before filing a declaration with deferred payment of customs duties and taxes for up to 45 days;
  • submission of a customs declaration for goods before day 15 of the month following after the release of goods;
  • delivery of goods to the AEO's address bypassing the customs control zone of the customs authority;
  • customs operations related to the customs declaration and release of goods at a customs authority other than the customs authority in the region of activity where goods are located.

An important component in this tandem is saving your money as well:

  • we minimize the costs of downtime, storage, and inspection;
  • deferred customs payments for up to 45 days;
  • simplified control of customs value.

If you are interested in the foreign economic activity using the AEO service, we are ready to meet and discuss the terms of cooperation.